Parking Tickets and Premiums

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If you collect parking tickets like other people collect concert ticket stubs, then you might be concerned about how your non-moving violations will affect your auto insurance policy. The good news is that as long as the ticket is for

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Should You Let Your Policy Auto-Renew?

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Automatic renewal is an easy way to ensure the continuation of your insurance coverage through the years. You shouldn’t, however, allow an automatic renewal to result in a total lack of oversight in your insurance policy coverage options. Before your

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5 Types of Auto Insurance Discounts


There are very few people on the planet who aren’t interested in getting a bargain, and that goes for insurance shoppers as well as other types of bargain hunters. If you are ready to shop around for auto insurance, there

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Chicago Auto Insurance


We are Oxford Auto Insurance, specializing in Chicago Auto Insurance as well as SR-22, Motorcycle, and Commercial insurance in the surrounding areas of Cicero, Lyons, and Chicagoland in Illinois. Auto insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an

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